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They Killed My Brother (2013)

Directed by Cristiano Burlan

Produced by Natália Reis - Bela Filmes

Music by Gulherme Garbato & Gustavo Garbato


- 18th It's All True Festival - Best Picture

- 18th It's All True Festival - Public's Choice


Synopsis: When filmmaker Cristiano Burlan decided to rebuild the events surrounding his brother’s death, he launched himself in a personal journey that took him into a circle of violence in the neighborhoods in the suburbs of São Paulo, such as Capão Redondo. He and his family lived there in 2001, when his brother Rafael Burlan da Silva was killed, at the age of 22, by 7 gunshots. Examining the reasons of his brother’s involvement with drugs and car thefts, the director lays bare pieces of his own family history.

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