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Guilherme is a composer and music producer for Film, Tv and Advertising. After attending the Architecture School in USP-São Paulo, he studied Music Composition at ECA, the School of Communications and Arts of USP-SP, he had great composers as teachers such as Aylton Escobar, Ronaldo Miranda and Fernando Iazzetta. His first composition for film was in the documentary "Elevado 3.5" directed by João Sodré, Maíra Bühler and Paulo Pastorelo, winner of the prize of best film at the "It's All True" Film Festival of 2007, in São Paulo.

Gustavo is a composer and music producer for Film, TV and Advertising. Graduated in Social Communication by FAAP University and specialized in Sound Engineering at the SAE Institute in London-UK. Since 2002, he has recorded and/or produced various artists such as Tom Zé, Elza Soares and Garotas Suecas. Gustavo works along with his brother Guilherme Garbato in their audio production house in São Paulo. They have collaborated with great Cinema and TV producers such as Rodrigo Teixeira from RT Features, Maria Ângela de Jesus and Roberto Rios from HBO, Rita Moraes from Los Braga, Mathias Marianni from Primo Filmes, Caio and Fabiano Gullane from Gullane Entretenimento, Sara Silveira and Maria Ionesco from Dezenove Som e Imagens, Clara Ramos from Loma Filmes, Luiz Ferraz and Gal Buitoni from Olé Produções and Cris Miotto from Rio Bravo Filmes

They have also worked with great directors like José Eduardo Belmonte, Marco Dutra, Daniel Rezende, Karim Ainoüz, Alex Gabassi, Aly Muritiba, Paulo Machline, Erico Rassi, Fernando Grostein Andrade, Juliana Rojas, Andrea Cassola, Cristiano Burlan, Pedro Gorsky, Cassiano Prado, Hilton Lacerda, Samuel Galli, among others.



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