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The Debut (2017)

Directed by Andrea Cassola.

Produced by Gullane, ESPN, Agência Africa.

Music by Guilherme Garbato, Gustavo Garbato & Rodrigo Scarcello.

Synopsis: The awarded documentary narrates the story of the 1984 NBA Draft, when Oscar Schmidt was drafted by the New Jersey Nets but couldn’t make into the league because he chose to remain playing for The Brazlian National Team. In that same year Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, John Stockton and Hakeen Olajuwon were also chosen to play for the league. Among other stories, Oscar relives the moment he won the Gold Medal playing for the Brazilian Olympic Team against the United States in 1987 at the Pan American Games at Indianapolis.

Awards: Cannes Lions 2017 – Gold Lion and 3 Bronze Lions for the Cyber Categoty.

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